This TV aesthetically and technologically pushes the boundaries of TV: a piece of furniture carefully designed to complement your home.

Buonasera JL, questa mia perché vorrei dirle qualcosa, non so bene cosa. Solo qualcosa. Avevo pensato di scrivere e non cambiare nulla, ma sono alla centesima riga di uno sproloquio insensato e allora penso che se voglio dirle qualcosa un senso ce lo devo mettere. Giovedì è stato l’ultimo appuntamento con la mia analista (quella nuova, quella con la Chaise longue di Le Corbusier, non quella vestita di rosa e si, mi sa che un tempo mi confondevo facile), tra un innamorata e confusa le ho detto una cosa, sa dottoressa, io devo ancora imparare a parlare.

Beh, è cosi alle volte. Ovvio. S’intende. Sempre se vi pare.

Mi sento incapace.

Di esprimere: opinioni, pensieri, sentimenti. BLOB

Solo alle volte, altre invece fluiscono. Inarrestabili. Ferretti. e Tool.


Mida Docet e Mamma Anche

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PLAYITLOUD : Motorhead

.God was never on your Side.

Vivo la dicotomia contemporanea del non mi va di fare un cazzo ma voglio salvare il mondo. Utopista allo sbaraglio, borghese, si borghese. Una villa che è una meraviglia, dietro casa mia. Giusto, anche radical chic de roma centro. Scuola francese? Celo. Nonna nobile, non io. Ma è tutto vero. Mio padre, mio padre che dovreste conoscerlo e dice che non sa più chi sono. Mia madre, mia madre la chiamavamo il furer. In maniera affettuosa si intendeIo? Io non so. La mia amica immaginaria si chiamava nessuna. Io come una moglie fedifraga e una città in uno stato famoso per le aragoste e l’essere neutrale.


prove generali

I remember the day I asked my dad what was the meaning of 0, we talked a lot, I remember the heat, and the calm breeze of a sunny day of summer spent on the beach.  I was 10, maybe less, after an hour I took my surf board and went in the ocean for the rest of the afternoon surrounded by water, unable to see the end of the horizon. Are water and waves the same thing? The day after I asked my dad the meaning of infinite, a  matter of ontology was our conclusion. Dogma as a concept was already there in my life but from a virgin who gave birth to a child, that always seemed to my childish but sharp eyes like a nice fairytale, took another shade of meaning. Fortunately n–1 came to put an embankment to the dam otherwise I’m sure that by now I would be locked in a chamber screaming about the illusion of reality. Then stars and time, relativity, everything and the opposite of everything, what was was and what was is not, who’s here is here, who’s not is not. life and death. faith. What are we going to eat for lunch, you know, this is a purple carrot, that guy doesn’t love me, I argued with mum about a pair of shoes.

I always proclaimed my self a skeptical, a non believer to be true, I love Nietzche though I’m not entirely a nihilist, certainly not in the modern meaning, I’m incredibly fascinated in Bahuman thinking, Anarchism is my religion, maybe I’m a cynic, still, and I’m sure of the meaning of my next 3 worlds, a big dreamer. Led by faith in humanity, because at the end is what I’am, a nothing in the constant struggle of existing, trying to find acceptance trough a firm non dogmatic denial towards anything, realising that this lead also to the possible acceptance of all.

‘Blessed be the Nihilist because he has no truth to kill or live for, blessed be the free spirit, faithful to earth and flash because he loves man all beyond good or bad, … , because he doesn’t want faith, but pretends reasons, always partial, never objective. ‘


All this was just to state that as a direct consequence of my thought I’m only waiting to be proven wrong.

I’m thinking of this since I’m here. I drink water from a machine that has to clean the water cause earth is too fucked up and we can’t drink fresh and clean water from any sink. Breath in, breath out, still your mind, focus back on the moment, straight you spine, breath, kids are dying, I was born rich, fortune it’s all a matter of geography. We all live cycles, once we are the butchers, once we are the slaughterd, once in war, once in peace. Again, breath. Om. Arihom.

KEYS – Dal Vangelo secondo Giovanni.

Lesson x of 8n–1 ’Yogha citti vritti nirodha’ P.Y.S.

I’m not sure I did understood what this passage truly means, the meaning we gave to words is always so arbitrary. For sure, I know that I didn’t get how the way to enlightenment works. Samadhi it’s not even in my thought not to mention the concept of god and Ishvara. For What I know ‘gott ist tott’ ,  if not he’s dying replaced by new idols as in a Neil Gaiman disthopyan fantasy novel. I’ don’t want the future to be like Orwell’s 1984, the psycho crime is in my mind as something behind the corner same thing for the urge of clean and drinkable water, the doubts on electromagnectical waves, the use of technology, black mirror, ready player one and the non acceptance of the consumistic and capitalistic world we built towards all of our action. Reactions if we look at the other side of the coin. Third law of dynamics, each reaction has a reaction equal and opposite.

Karma if we want it to call as in Samkhaya. War and peace, east and west,  sun is not the contrary of the moon, is not a matter of yin and yang, ira and pingala, sun is the moon. We are not only west but also east and no matter what we think heart is what we all have in common, maybe tomorrow something else, maybe a greater meaning, today earth. That maybe tomorrow will never come.

We are living this reality together crossing this lives we are in, given or not, no matter what comes after death, if god exist, in my reality he’s not interfering with us.

Or maybe as yoga is empirical science, just takes time. I guess, but steel I’m dealing with 0 and the search of true love if you remember..

Trying to be an inch more serious, is not even a matter of understanding, nirodha is simply kind of unacceptable for me, actually I could accept the possibility of the stilling all the fluctuations of the mind and become one with the whatever, but I don’t really want it, something most likely I’m happy in my decision of non acceptance. We’ll be far dead and extinted as a race before 8 billion of people retires in the mountains to meditate and maybe, I’m not sure yet, I’m changing my mind on kids. And still, but please Merlin take me the hell out of here.

Sometimes I run into thinkers who still amaze me with the decisiveness with which they claim that the nothingness of death is preferable to life., they are not touched by any doubt, they are devoid of skepticism, as on the other hand are the outspoken optimists and mystics. With the difference that dogmatic pessimism leads straight to suicide, individual and cosmic. Optimism, to inetetness-inebetimento, mysticism, instead, to the mortification of the flesh.

For some time there has also been a whole current, antinatalism, which sees neo-mainland thinkers like Thomas Ligotti (a depressed writer of horror fiction) and eco-reactionary vegans like David Benatar converge. There is even a movement, the VHEMT – Voluntary movement of human extinction and founders are still walking on this planet.

And there it comes, a great cauldron of everything, from Schopenhauer, to half-known death preachers like the Norwegian Peter Wessel Zapffe, of Philipp Mainländer, together with a sprinkling of neurophysiology with Thomas Metzingeras a leader, talking of negative utilitarianism, which re-proposes the old adage of the eudemonological balance by Eduard von Hartmann (as in the case of the “asymmetry or quadrature of Benatar”), or the  Finnish ecologist (Pentti Linkola.)

And who knows why, at some point I don’t even know if I’m reading about philosophy or I’m seeing an episode of the Marvel saga, in which Thanos merciful puts an end to the overpopulation of the universe by instantly nipping half of the living beings. Indeed, here the villain is even better than Benatar, for which, if only he could, an individual would have to annihilate the whole human species in one blow!

Ours is an age pervaded by a chiliastic atmosphere, populated by apocalyptics scenarios sprinkled by the ghosts of the ecological collapse of our planet. This kind of pessimism only produces desperation and quietism, it is worse than the obtuse optimism of those who believe that everything must necessarily turn towards the best, that there is already a solution to the ecological emergency, to global overpopulation and to every evil.

Here is where Yoga philosophy collides with my thinking, to my eyes It’s crazy to be blind to what surrounds us, and sometimes the Eastern approach to Yoga increasingly appears to me as a system so structured on old strict rules, that stucked himself so much into the aim af achieving a greater conscious that he forgot the purpose in the name of masked unbridled individualism.

The totalitarian forms of power assign an axiological primacy to Being (together with Heidegger’s theoretical proposal) and their fear of contamination derives from the immaturity of a civilization, incapable of confronting the different from itself, unable to emancipate itself through confrontation, rather adept at closing itself in the narcissistic self-complacency of its own ego, inventing mythical origins of its own accord, establishing over time a “founding myth”, the cradle from which to originate, assigning itself a divine mission or a promised land.

In Modernity and the Holocaust (il Mulino, Bologna 1992, p. 91) Zygmunt Bauman wisely recalled: “For man, being precedes action: nothing he does can change what he is. Here, at the elementary level, the philosophical essence of racism “.

Beyond the declarations of principle, if someone steals, then he is a thief; if he defends the weakest, then he is a paladin; if shipwrecked people are not rescued at sea, he is a murderer; if he deceives, he is a liar. By the same principle, action are what characterizes


And perhaps for this reason, even today, I’m grateful to Schopenhauer and to his motto operari sequitur esse, *we are what we do *. One is not good if one does not act for good.

Therefore, today more than ever we need instead of a choice of inaction, a conscious action, a “critical pessimism”, a form of heroic skepticism that does not believe in divine providence (by grace received) or human ( by virtue of miraculous scientific discoveries) but takes on the meaninglessness and evils of the world by facing them with courage, which proposes the fatigue of the concept knowing that reason is weak and finite, that it distrusts every metaphysical form, of every totalizing vision and totalitarian of the world, reserving the benefit of doubt to life. And since the life we ​​have in mind is this, it tries to live it “in fullness and beauty”, trying to lift the neighbor from the burden it bears.

In short, against dogmatic pessimism, the skeptic practices active, anti-dogmatic, anti-fundamentalist and solidarist pessimism, tragic skepticism, aware that progress is not obvious, that the fall is always possible and that there is no other choice to face life , limiting the suffering of others, knowing how to taste the occasional and ephemeral fruits, and enjoy the shared good. If it is not misanthropic. Otherwise, a healthy eremitism is always good, even without Geronimian stone and Thebaid.


)Iwish so much you could read the original ↑ 
9but the BLOG is in ITA

I’m Ascanius Julius, Enea son

Whom escaping from burning Ilio, carried the old father on his shoulder

And me, a kid, firmly grabbing my hand.

We escaped the shores  of Turkey.

We escape the most civilised Acheous.

Gods where on our side.

I know fear, I know your fear, and I’m not different from you

From you running away from dangers, raising fences made of stones,

forging tall and strong oak doors as only the Scee doors are.

I’m son of those migrants, son of those nomads,

in my veins the history of people and centuries

I’m Ascanious and mine is the story of the whole world.


Ma nel 2019, ad Agosto. Quando fa caldo.




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